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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quarter to Forever

Take my hand and we'll beat the dark,
After all it's only a quarter to forever.
We can be the heroes of our own embark,
Don't push me away with that cold endeavour. 

Take my hand and we'll soar the skies,
After all it's only a minute to always.
We'll make our way through the deceit and the lies,
And soar on through truth in days like decades.

Take my hand and I'll never let go,
After all you're my cause for survival.
We can make it through rain, hail and snow,
In the end you'll be my revival.

Monday, January 31, 2011

She Exhales Dreams like Fairytales

Nothing much brighter than a day with those close to you.

Take my hand and we'll beat the dark,
After all, it's only a quarter to forever.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feet Rougher than a Gypsy

Only as harpooned a whale out at sea,
Captured for a moment, held from liberty,
Heart weary as a miner, on his way home,
Feet rougher than a gypsy, always on the roam

Hands colder than a beggars, with fingerless gloves,
Soul older than the carpenter, who’d forgotten how to love.

Mind sharper than the devil’s, scouring through the sin,
Spirit sprighter than the rebels, whose trials just begin.

But heart sore as counting each second,
Pained by tomorrow,
Yesterday’s like mouldy bread
But today still holds much sorrow.

Severed like a broken leg, the bone straight cut,
Eyes duller than a mongrels, just some streetly mutt,
Lips tighter than a virgin, welded ‘til that day,
Words whispered like a child, too nervous just to play.

Hope lesser than a poor boy, doubtful of his future,
Tears streaming like an heiress, told she must find a suitor.

Fear ringing like alarms, there might be no way to escape,
Strength like David’s faith, the giant his to take.

But heart sore as an eagle's wings,
Pained by tomorrow,
Yesterday’s just another lie
And today holds so much sorrow.